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Getting started

What is CallJoy?

CallJoy is an easy-to-use cloud-based phone agent that enables small business owners to measure, improve and automate customer service. Now, you can have the same scalable customer service options that only large corporations previously enjoyed - and for a flat, affordable monthly fee of $39. Here’s how:

  • After a quick setup, you’ll receive a local phone number and CallJoy will immediately begin blocking unwanted spam calls so you only receive the calls that matter - the ones from customers.
  • Then, when the phone rings, the CallJoy computer agent answers, greets callers with a custom message and provides basic business information (like hours of operation). The CallJoy agent can speak simple sentences and interact with a narrowly defined dialog. If the caller needs to talk to someone at the business, then the call is routed to the primary business phone.
  • Using CallJoy’s textback feature, the CallJoy computer agent can even send customers a text message containing a URL so they can take online actions, like place a to-go order or book an appointment.
  • Whether the customer speaks with you, talks to an employee, or just interacts directly with the CallJoy computer agent, the call will be recorded and transcribed for quality purposes after the caller hears “call recorded for quality purposes”. This allows small business owners to tag and search each conversation based on topic. For example, a hair salon owner can search how many times a day callers ask about ‘mens haircut pricing’ or ‘wedding hairstyles.’
  • From here, CallJoy compiles your data in an online dashboard and emails you a daily update, which includes metrics such as call volume and new vs. returning callers.


How is CallJoy different from other solutions out there?

CallJoy is designed to be easy to use and useful for a wide range of small businesses, from the single owner to a business with 50 employees or more. CallJoy is designed to be easy to set up, manage and use so anyone with a smartphone or laptop can get it up and running quickly. It is made for small business owners and managers who value knowledge and insights to increase customer satisfaction and improve their business. It is not a tool used to track phone-based marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

How does CallJoy work?

Your automated CallJoy computer agent will greet callers for you, provide basic business information, and direct customers to take online actions via text message - all while blocking unwanted spam. CallJoy will then email you a daily dashboard, which includes metrics such as call volume and conversation topics so you can optimize your business decisions. CallJoy is cloud-based and can handle an unlimited number of calls 24/7.

What is a conversation tag?

Every call which comes into CallJoy is recorded and transcribed for analysis and review. A conversation tag is a word or phrase which describes an intent or outcome of a call. For example, if an incoming call is about a table reservation, then a tag of “reservation” can be added by the business owner. These conversation tags are used in search, analysis and reporting.

Who can set up a CallJoy account?

Any small business, after receiving an invite code, can set up a CallJoy account, including owners of restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, service providers and automotive services. During the early access period, we will prioritize businesses with a Google My Business profile.

What can I expect to do using CallJoy?

With CallJoy, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain powerful insights with audio recordings and searchable text transcripts of all connected incoming calls.
  • Make better business decisions with metrics such as peak call times, new vs. returning callers, and conversation topics.
  • Easily direct callers via text message to place an order or schedule an appointment online, increasing sales while freeing up your staff.
How long does it take to set up CallJoy?

Once you’ve received your invite code via email, the setup time is just a few minutes to select your CallJoy phone number, make your first test call and publish the phone number online via automatic Google My Business integration.

How many calls can CallJoy handle?

As a cloud-based service, CallJoy can handle thousands of simultaneous calls for your business.

Why do I need a new local phone number?

Customers connect local businesses with area codes they know and are familiar with. A local area code gives your customers confidence that they are supporting and getting in touch with a business in their community.

Can I choose a phone number with my preferred local area code?

Yes! During the initial CallJoy setup process you will be asked for your zip code, and then you will get to choose from a selection of available phone numbers with local area codes.

Does CallJoy work with toll-free numbers?

No, CallJoy does not work with toll-free numbers at this time.

Can I use my existing business phone number with the CallJoy platform?

CallJoy is compatible with your existing phone number, but you cannot port/transfer your number from your current telecom provider to CallJoy at this time. CallJoy will route calls to your existing business number.

Will my old phone number still work if customers, vendors, etc. still use it instead of my new CallJoy number?

Yes, your old phone number will still work once you’ve set up your CallJoy number, but incoming calls to the old number will not be connected through the CallJoy service.

What if my small business has multiple locations and corresponding phone lines?

You can set up one CallJoy phone number per business location and you will be billed per phone number. To add an additional business location once you’ve set up your initial CallJoy account, use the drop down menu on the top right corner of the CallJoy dashboard. Use the same menu to switch between locations. Insights are only reported on a per-location basis at this time.

My small business is just a one-person operation. Can I still use CallJoy?

Absolutely! CallJoy is designed to be easy to use and useful for a wide range of small businesses, from the single owner to a business with 50 employees or more.

Does CallJoy work with my existing phone routing service (Google Voice, etc.)?

Yes, CallJoy is compatible with your current phone service whether it is a traditional landline, mobile phone, Google Voice or other cloud provider. The CallJoy service works seamlessly with your current phone workflow. If you have a phone menu, CallJoy will even keep track of which options are pressed by your customers.

What are Call actions?

Call actions define what happens when the CallJoy phone number rings. By default, all incoming calls will be answered with a recording consent message and then be connected to your primary business number. You can customize your Call Actions with a personalized greeting, basic business information like open hours or by adding the textback feature.

How does the textback feature work? What if our customers call from a landline?

You can choose whether to use the textback feature when setting up your Call actions on your user dashboard. When enabled, your callers will be asked a yes/no question which you define. If the caller answers “yes”, then a website address is sent via text message to the caller. For example, the prompt can be “Can I send you our food ordering link?,” “Can I send you our email address?,” or “Can I send you to our online contact form?.” If the customer is using a number which does not support text message, then the textback feature will not function and the caller will be connected to your business line.

Does my business need a cell phone or a landline to use CallJoy?

An existing cellphone, landline or other cloud-based phone number is required to use CallJoy. This is where we will route incoming calls to.

How often do I get reports? Can I customize when I receive these?

Every day, CallJoy intelligently compiles call data into an online dashboard and daily insights email. These metrics include peak call times, new vs. returning callers, and conversation topics so you can visually see the types of calls your business received and how high the call volume really was. At this time, the frequency and timing of the call report email cannot be customized (but you can unsubscribe at any time if you wish).

What other services and platforms does CallJoy integrate with?

An integration with Google My Business makes it easy to setup and configure CallJoy. Once running, you can use product which has web-based links that you would like to share via text message. For example, if you have an online food ordering page, you can configure the textback feature to send that webpage URL via text message after a prompt.

Where is CallJoy available?

CallJoy is U.S.-only at this time. We are eager to get the service right before growing globally.

Why should a business record its phone calls?

Knowledge is power when it comes to customer service and is no exception to your inbound customer calls. The purpose of call recording is to help you improve customer service quality and efficiency which leads to increased business and allows the employees to focus more time on valuable work. Your customers can continue with full knowledge that your business cares deeply about the customer care experience. Additionally, call recordings discourage spam and scam-type callers from staying on the line.

On the Select Business screen during onboarding, I don’t see my business listed?

This might be because the business is associated with a different email address on Google My Business. You can try switching to that account in CallJoy by clicking your profile picture on the top right of the screen (or opening a new Incognito window), signing in with your correct @gmail address, and then using the provided CallJoy invitation link. You can also add your current email address to your Google My Business profile so that the business is associated with it in the future.

Does CallJoy support International phone numbers?

CallJoy in the USA only at this time and offers phone numbers in US area codes only. Businesses in the USA can receive calls from anywhere in the world to their CallJoy number.

I need to change where my the CallJoy number routes to. How do I do it?

Please email us at with your business name and what number you would like it routed to. We can usually make the change in a few business days.


When will I start to get charged for CallJoy?

You can try CallJoy at no cost for 14 days. Once the 14-day trial period ends, you may subscribe to CallJoy by upgrading in the web application. Your credit card will be charged on the activation date and then monthly until you cancel. Upon cancellation, your service will be active until the end of the billing period. Review our Payment Terms of Service here.

Will I be charged per call or charged by the minute?

Your cash flow is important, and you need to budget accordingly. We get it. Which is why CallJoy does not charge you by the call or minute. Just an affordable flat monthly fee of $39 for an unlimited number of calls and minutes.

Does it cost extra to add the textback feature?

CallJoy’s innovative, easy-to-use textback feature is included in the monthly fee at no additional charge.

Am I locked into a long-term contract with CallJoy if I sign up?

No, CallJoy is a month-to-month service.

Security & Privacy

How do you protect the privacy and security of each conversation?

All call data is encrypted and secured to restrict access to the business owner and its designated managers.

What kind of data is being stored about CallJoy’s users?

The calling phone number, audio and related transcripts of inbound phone calls placed to the CallJoy phone number are stored for access by the business owner and designated managers.

Do callers know that they're being recorded? How?

Yes, at the beginning of all calls the caller hears the message “Call recorded for quality purposes.”

Can callers opt out of being recorded?

Callers may hang up and end their call if they do not want to be recorded.

Customer service

CallJoy isn’t working correctly, what do I do?

If the product is not working, please use the yellow feedback button on the application to send us your issue. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

I have more questions about my CallJoy account, how can I contact you?

If you still need help after reviewing the FAQ, please send us an email via - we’re happy to help!

How do I cancel my CallJoy subscription?

Cancelling the account is done in the settings panel of the web application. Click the gear icon and then “Cancel account.”

Will I lose my CallJoy phone number if I decide to cancel my account?

Yes, your CallJoy phone number will be available for 30 days after your billing period ends and then will no longer route to your business. For example if you cancel on May 15, but the end of your billing period is May 30, the phone number will be active until June 30 to provide you with time to update your phone number.

Will I lose my access to the CallJoy insights dashboard if I cancel my account?

Yes, when you cancel your account you will lose access to the dashboard and daily emails when your billing period ends. You will have an additional 30 days from the end of the billing period to request access to your data before it is deleted - please email us at to request this.

My software company would like to integrate with CallJoy. How do we do that?

We would like to hear from you! Please contact us at with information about your product and how it helps small businesses.