CallJoy has everything you need to manage your phone line and grow your business. Whether you need simple call recordings and transcripts or a virtual agent to answer all of your calls, we’ve got your back.

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Virtual phone number

CallJoy has local numbers for every area code in the United States. Simply pick a number to use for your business and publish it wherever you want. When customers call you’ll automatically see recordings and transcripts within your account. Want to keep your existing business line? We can help you set up call forwarding too.

Custom greeting & agent voice

CallJoy comes with a virtual automated assistant that greets and responds to requests from your customers. You can customize your agent’s voice by choosing from one of six different options. After selecting your voice, you can write a custom, professional greeting that each customer will hear when they call your business.

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Flexible scheduling

Easily control when you want your virtual agent to answer your calls. Should the agent only answer when your business is closed? What if you want the agent to handle every call? How about only when your line is busy? With CallJoy you have complete flexibility to determine when you want your virtual agent to answer and when you’d like to handle the call yourself.

Call recording & transcripts

Get a recording and transcript of all calls that your business receives. Your call log will have the date and time of every call so you can review them at your convenience. It’s helpful for when you need to go back and check the details of a large customer order or train your employees.

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Call actions

Call Actions makes it simple for your customers to quickly and easily get the information they need from your business. When the CallJoy agent answers a call, it begins by asking “In a few words, how can I help you?” Call Actions allow small business owners to customize how their CallJoy agent will respond to callers requests for help. The agent can respond verbally, send the customer a link, or route the call to any number you choose!

Verbal response

When a user calls in with a general question about your business, you can easily customize how the agent responds. For example, if a customer calls a features asking about their dress code, the agent could quickly give a verbal response with the relevant information.


If you want to send a link to a customer to help them handle their request, you can easily set up a textback. This is a great option to give users who are asking to book appointments, make reservations, or get quotes from your business. The agent will ask if the caller would like a link, and send them any url you specify.

Call routing

CallJoy’s call actions feature allows your virtual agent to route calls to multiple numbers. When customers call and request to speak with a particular employee or department, you can add a specific number for your agent to route the call.

Call insights

CallJoy’s insights page gives you valuable insights into the calls you receive. When you visit the insights page you can see how many calls are answered and handled by your agent, the time of day and day of the week your receive the most calls, as well as information about what numbers call your business the most.

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